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Exciting Ways You Can Make an Impression at a Big Meeting

If you’ve got a big meeting coming up, you no doubt would love to make a great impression on the people present. This can be done, but you need to ignore the negative thoughts and feelings you’re probably having. What if they don’t like you, or think you’re good at what you do? There’s a saying that goes ‘fake it till you make it’, and it’s so true! Own your job, be confident in yourself, and believe the words you say. Take the following advice to make an impression at an important meeting:


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Dress the Part

First off, you need to dress the part. You need to take into account the kind of meeting this is and the kind of industry before deciding on your outfit. For example, a big corporate meeting definitely calls for some kind of suit outfit, while a meeting revolving around the fashion industry calls for a more fashion forward, daring outfit. You need to feel confident in your outfit too, so don’t pick anything that you don’t feel comfortable in. Even if you aren’t sure about your outfit on the day, pretend you are. Fake it till you make it; don’t fidget or constantly play with your buttons/hem – this makes it look as if you’re self conscious!

Arrive in Style

As for your transport to the meeting, sure you could drive your own car – but provides a limo service in NJ if you’re over that way. Why not take a limo or another suave mode of transport to truly make an entrance?

Speak for Yourself

Sometimes in meetings, someone will introduce you and then the person who made the introduction does all of the talking. If you’re anxious it can be all too easy to simply stand there and say hello – you definitely need to speak for yourself to be remembered! After you’ve been introduced, make an effort to engage with the person by asking them a question of some kind. You can ask them what they think of something, how they do something, or even mention something somebody mentioned to you about them and ask them a question about that. People enjoy talking about themselves!

Perfect Your Body Language and Attitude

Your posture is extremely important when you meet someone. The human brain picks up many signals subconsciously, so people usually form an opinion within seconds of meeting someone. You need to be giving off as many positive signals as possible. Simply standing up straight can give a great impression! Speaking clearly and purposefully is important too. You should smile throughout the meeting too, as happiness and enthusiasm is very attractive. You can also try to repeat positive mantras in your head throughout the meeting, and attempt to control your breathing if you feel very nervous. Taking slow, deep breaths should help to calm you.

Remember to own this meeting; be happy, confident, clear, and friendly and you should make a huge impression on the people present!



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