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Great ways to give yourself a break

Whilst being a successful businesswoman can undoubtedly deliver a huge range of financial and personal rewards, there are many downsides to the all-encompassing career that you’ve chosen too.

These can range from the subtle sexism faced in the workplace to the fact that nearly half a million people suffer from work related stress each year. That’s why it’s incredibly important to take time to reward yourself for all of that hard work, and here are a few great ways to give yourself a well-deserved break.



Having a holiday is the perfect way to recharge your batteries and broaden your mind as you experience life away from the workplace. Whether it be a quick city break or a relaxing week in the sun, a break from the norm will leave you feeling refreshed and able to concentrate your efforts with renewed intensity.

There are many websites that offer exclusive breaks such as as well as some great apps by Skyscanner and Expedia that can provide hours of entertainment merely by browsing a range of offers on flights and hotels to some far flung exotic locations.



Of course, merely jetting off on holiday can be a romantic idea, but for most of us, we simply aren’t able to tear ourselves away from the office for too long.

So be sure to make sure that you can turn your mind off from office politics by enjoying entertainment in your home. This can take the form of a film courtesy of a pay-per-view site such as Apple’s iTunes or even by playing one of Europalace’s extensive range of casino games.

Europalace have a huge variety of mobile games that feature authentic and atmospheric simulations of many casino games ranging from slots to poker and even live-roulette where you can partake in a game featuring a live croupier who’ll talk you through the game’s finer intricacies. The site also provides a range of welcome bonuses to ensure that you can make a few beginner’s mistakes without breaking the bank.

Relaxation and recovery

Sometimes we can use distractions to clear the head after a hard day’s work, but other times we just need to slow down and refocus. The simple practice of meditation can provide a range of health benefits, and will allow you to let your body and mind become slightly more free of the stresses of the day.


And with the proven benefits of daily exercise aiding our bodies and limiting the effects of work-related stress, it’s the perfect time to turn off your work computer and spend a little time on yourself.

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