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How to Make Money Online in Your Downtime

If you have a bit of free time on your hand, and you want to make some extra money, then perhaps it is time to look into what the vast options on the Internet are. Depending on your skills, and how much time you want to spend on earning additional cash, you can make it count.

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  1. Tutoring Online

Helping out others online can be not only fun, but educational for both you and the client. Considering that you will be making around $50-100/h, it will be a demanding job. Nevertheless, you can always look at how others are charging to ensure that you are not falling behind.

  1. Make Money by Blogging

Most think that blogging is a joke, and that everyone could do it. However, once they learn the potential and possible income, people immediately start studying blogging. For the average Joe though, a blog can make as much as $1000 per month, without having to spend a lot of time on it.

  1. Online Design Can Pay

If you are good with computers and have a good eye for esthetics, then a creative pastime activity that pays well is online design. Be careful though, because price ranges can vary, and it goes from $50-150/h on average. As you get better, you can charge more, and expect more work as well. Nevertheless, it will be a fun and entertaining way to earn some money.

  1. Manage a Content Website for Profit

There is a lot of money in content websites, if you know how to add necessary apps and widgets to turn click and visits into cash. With a few hours of work daily, you can easily turn a profit of around $200/h, or even more if you are sure of your skills. Make sure that you stay up-to-date with current trends and events, to know what to focus on to make your website even more attractive.

  1. Photography Turned Into Profit

Your love for photography can be turned into money, if you are careful what you take photos of and how you sell them. Initially, it will not pay a lot, but considering the need for microstock photography you can earn quite the sum. Even though each photo will be sold for $5-10, it only means that more people will be able to buy it, and the end results can be astonishing.

  1. Cash in Your Online Gambling Passion

Enjoying a good game of poker online can be fun, and an amazing source of income, if you play your cards right. As Daniel Negreanu has shown so far, earning millions by gambling is possible, but you need to have good skills. Learn more about how much you can make, and most importantly, how carful you have to be, because some sites can be shady in their payout methods. Do not assume that everyone can make it big, and only start if you feel adventurous.

Earning on the side can be fun and well paid, but you will have to spend some time on honing your skills to make it even better. Be aware that for some you will have to spend money in order to make some, but the return can be great, if you are cautious with your investments.

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