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Moving to a new office: a how-to

Moving to a new office can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. To keep your stress levels down and help ensure the transition runs smoothly, take a look at this brief guide to relocating your business.

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Start planning ASAP

Especially if you’re busy, you might be tempted to bury your head in the sand and put off important decisions and tasks connected to your move until the very last minute. However, this is a recipe for disaster. If you want to avoid unnecessary difficulties and complications, it’s crucial that you start planning your transition as soon as possible. To coordinate your move, it’s useful to appoint a staff member to oversee the process and to assign tasks.

Budget for your office furniture, and buy in advance

There are certain unavoidable expenses associated with setting up in a new office, and one of these is making sure the workspace is equipped with appropriate furniture. The last thing you want is to arrive in your office to discover your workers are short of important furnishings. It’s therefore important to set aside some money for these essentials. You don’t have to spend a fortune on this equipment though. By shopping around online, you should be able to find good quality but affordable office desks, chairs, storage solutions and any other products you need. Make sure you order the products to arrive in time too, and to save yourself hassle, consider getting your supplier to assemble the furniture for you. This will mean you don’t have to waste valuable time getting stuck into DIY when your order arrives. Websites like offer fully installed delivery, but bear in mind you need to request this service when you order.

Arrange for the disconnection and reconnection of services

It’s also important to arrange for all relevant services to be disconnected in your current premises and reconnected in the office you’re moving too. If you neglect to do this, you could find yourself without access to anything from telephone lines to electricity once you move to your new base. Make a list of all the services you use and contact the associated providers to put these measures in place.

Let people know

Another priority should be to let people know about your relocation. Everyone from your customers and suppliers to the local council and your insurers should know about your plans in advance. It’s also a good idea to update your website and print new letterheads and business cards around a week before you move. This will help you to avoid any confusion when you actually make the transition.

Shifting your business from one spot to another will always involve some effort and expense, but as long as you take suggestions like these into consideration, you should find you emerge from the process unscathed.

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