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Staying safe in the digital frontier

Few businesses, if any, can afford to stay offline. Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or a fully fledged company head, the internet is one of the most lucrative and important markets. It simply cannot be ignored.

To this end, here is a quick guide on how to stay safe in the digital world and what measures a wise business woman can take to better enable the company.


Protecting assets

Digital assets are harder to protect than physical property, but are just as crucial. Consider how many key pieces of software or services you use for day to day office duties or even running your website? Now imagine if these no longer worked, causing everything to effectively shut down.

This is where software escrow can help provide a countermeasure against such service. This stores the provider’s source code (the reason you only lease, not own, the product) into a secure account. Should they then fail to uphold the Software as an Escrow agreement which binds them to provide you with a working product then you get the code from the escrow account.

It’s quick, simple and gets you back on your feet but, more importantly it’s a strong deterrent that ensures the software you rely on continues to work.

Website maintenance

Since it’s already been said an online presence is crucial if you are to enter the digital markets, having a working website is absolutely paramount. To this end, measures should be taken to ensure it is operating effectively – if it isn’t, you’re just wasting money.

Specialist companies such as NCC Group offer various website performance services that give you accurate, up to date information in this capacity. Combine this with the software protection of escrow and you can lock down some of the biggest risks businesses face when it comes to such digital ventures.

Likewise, it’s also sensible to look into various safety tests, such as penetration testing, to see just how reliable your defences are. A professional test will give you the results, showing you the exact weaknesses you need to resolve.


Rather than spending money and resources across the board, this lets you direct key funding exactly where it is needed.

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