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Tell Your Boss – 5 Reasons Why You Need a Company Entertainment Event


Company events, team building activities and corporate entertainment are often the first things to disappear from the budget when companies want to shave a few pounds off the balance sheet. For many people, a company entertainment event is not the most essential of costs and they believe not many people will notice if it’s not there. But an event for the company is not just an excuse for people to have fun and get drunk – company events offer a range of other benefits, from promoting creativity to boosting company morale. Here’s what to tell your boss if you’re having a hard time signing off on your corporate event plans.

1. Increase Employee Satisfaction and Self-Esteem

It is important to take account of employee satisfaction when running a business or a team. As the economy picks up, people do not feel they are tied to a particular job and will look elsewhere if they don’t feel they are being valued – companies risk losing valuable talent this way. You can help increase employee loyalty and retention by valuing employees for the work they do. A company event that gives prizes or awards is a good way of achieving this. When employees feel important and valued they are more likely to do their best and get better results for the company.

2. Build Teams

Getting people together outside the office, doing something fun, is a great way to break down barriers and bring people closer together. It is hard to improve teams when everyone is focused on getting the work done on a daily basis. A little time and space to have fun and talk is essential for effective teams.

3. Promote Creativity

When you take people out of their daily routine and into another environment you increase their capacity to think outside the box and boost their creativity and imagination. It is easy to get bogged down in the daily routine of the office. Stepping outside can be the catalyst for sparks of creativity that may improve the way the company works. In order to convince your boss, come up with corporate entertainment ideas that validate these benefits. For example, suggest a company event where team building activities and problem-solving activities take place alongside entertainment, food and drink.

4. Boost Morale

With nothing different to look forward to, employees quickly become disillusioned and dissatisfied. Telling staff you are cancelling the annual company event makes it look like times are hard, and there is no chance for promotion or enjoying a change from the routine. Company events can be held as a celebration of what the company has achieved, which sends morale higher. When employees are encouraged and positive, productivity increases and people are happier. Productive, happy teams are valuable for the business in so many ways; it really pays to keep the company entertainment or team building event on the agenda.

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