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The Essential Guide To Running A Successful Competition For Your Business


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Business owners are constantly looking for new ways to promote their brand and reach new audiences. One of the most popular forms of marketing right now has to be competitions. The beauty of holding a competition is that you can reach a demographic and hold their attention over the course of the giveaway. That leaves plenty of time for people to develop a relationship with your brand. If you are considering this method of promotion, here is what you need to know.

#1 Source your prizes

You should not have to fork out any money for the prizes yourself. If you collaborate with a partner business, they can give you the prizes for the competition. For example, if you team up with a car dealership, you can handle the promotion side of things while they supply the car for the prize. Alternately, you could give away some of your products so that it raises awareness of your goods.

#2 Set deadlines

The longer the competition, the more people will hear about it. If you drag your competition out too long, though, people will start to lose interest in it. On average, a giveaway should last around two to three weeks. That is enough time to get people’s interest, have them enter and complete the competition process. If you try to keep the giveaway running for longer than that, your initial entrants will forget that they entered.

#3 Decide on a competition style

There are many different styles of competition that you might want to run. Most business owners are lazy and use a standard question and answer format for their competition. It takes people roughly three minutes to answer a question online. You want people to engage in the promotion for longer than that. You could have people take a quiz or complete a task to enter instead.

#4 Identify your audience online

Once you have set up the competition, you need to identify who will enter it. You can reach out to people on your social media platforms and have the users spread the word. If you have decided people can enter online, you can direct them to the competition page. If there is another way in which people can enter, you need to give them instructions via your media platforms.

#5 Set up in an urban area

If you want to make a spectacle of your competition, you need to take to the streets. You can hire independent promo staff to set up a booth in a busy urban environment. You could showcase your prize as part of the booth so that it attracts people to enter the competition. You will need banners and promotional balloons. You should also make sure that the staff are charismatic and engage well with the people in the area.

#6 Choose a winner

Once you have all your entrants, it is time to choose a winner. You can do this at random or have a computer system choose a name for you. You should announce the winner via as many streams as possible. Of course, you will announce it on your social media streams, but are there other ways you can get the message out there? You might want to consider contacting a local radio station to see whether they will make an announcement on your behalf. The more creative you are with your announcement, the more people will hear the news. If people hear of your giveaway after the event, they will remember your name and look out for future competitions you run. This idea is an excellent form of promotion for your company and, if you pull it off, it will raise awareness for your brand!



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