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The Rough Guide To Building Up Your Business Website’s Popularity

Designing and building a kick-ass website is only half the battle when you’re trying to launch an online brand. There was once a time (many years ago) where word of mouth was the only thing you needed to make your site popular.

Nowadays, there are over a billion live websites on the Internet. There’s a good chance a few million of them are your direct competitors. So, how can your website stand out from that sea of sites? Well, it’s going to take some time and effort on your part for a start.



Keep reading to learn the secrets to making your website popular. Soon, you will know how to start boosting your visitor numbers. And, most importantly, convert those visitors into people that spend money with your business! Here is what you need to know:

Use WordPress

By far, the easiest platform for managing a website is WordPress. It’s free to use, customizable and well-supported. The brilliant thing about it is that you can install “plugins” that help you to achieve particular goals.

For instance, the “WordPress SEO” plugin helps you to make your site rank well in search engines. And there’s the “Limit Login Attempts” plugin to help you to secure your installation against hackers.

Did you know that WordPress powers nearly 20% of the Web? That’s a significant number for a website publishing platform!

Make your site “responsive”

In case you didn’t know, “responsive web design” refers to sites that work with both desktop and mobile browsers. It helps to resize content according to the device used so that you don’t have to zoom in on anything!

Are you using WordPress? If so, there are hundreds, if not thousands of themes you can install that are mobile-friendly. More of the world’s web users go online using their smartphones and tablets. You need to make sure people can see your site fine on such devices.

Work on an effective online marketing strategy

So far, you’ve got a system that you can easily manage. It also helps you to build a website that everyone can look at, regardless of what device they’re using. Now here comes the fun part: driving traffic to your site!

What you need to do now is work on an effective online marketing strategy. Put simply, it’s a plan of action that details what methods you will use to get people checking out what’s on your website.

If you haven’t got the time to work on such a long-term project, hire a web marketing company to help you out. While that means spending money, it also means you can focus your attention on other areas.

Maintain your social signals

Last, but not least, you need to make sure that you’ve got an active role on social media. No, I’m not suggesting you have to create profiles on every single social network under the sun!

What I am suggesting is that you maintain an active presence on the networks you use. Don’t just create a profile on Facebook and post up once a year on it! People use social media as a means of learning about things.

For example, they want to find out the latest news that’s going on in their area. They want to keep up-to-date with developments from their favorite brands. And so on.


Again, if you don’t have the time, hire someone to take charge of this work for you.


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