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These Five Reasons Are Why Your Employees Aren’t Very Productive

Every business owner knows that the key to profits lies in productivity. If your employees are constantly giving 110%, then you’re guaranteed to be raking in the cash. However, if your staff are lacking in productivity, then it could be hurting your business. Instead of firing your team members for not being productive, it could be a good idea to look into what the causes are. It may actually be something you’re doing. In which case, it’s easy to change.

1. You don’t praise enough

Are you giving your employees praise when they do a good job? If not, they may not feel very incentivised. Many business owners make the mistake of telling staff off when they’re bad, but forgetting to praise them when they’re good. If you constantly reward your team members for excellent work, then they will be more inclined to get the job done. And be more productive! Offer rewards and incentives for those who always give 110%. You’ll soon see other employees following in their footsteps, in the hope for praise too.

2. They’re working harder, not smarter

If you’re working your staff into the ground, then it could be why they’re not feeling very productive. The key is to help them work smarter, not harder. This may mean working fewer hours, but actually getting more done in those hours. A lot of research has shown that this is a much more profitable way for businesses to be run. Let your staff know that they can have the last hour off work, as long as they’ve completed their tasks. Watch how productive they become then!

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3. The workplace is depressing

This is one of the most common reasons for a lack of productivity. If your office looks tired or rundown, then your staff will feel the same. There are simple solutions for this problem, however. You could invest in commercial carpet cleaning to give the office a freshen up now and then. Perhaps you could give the walls a lick of paint if they’re looking flaky. Even putting up some pictures in the workplace can make such a huge difference. Make your staff want to come into work every day.

4. There’s no downtime

The key to productivity is working in bursts. Concentrating solely on a project for 60-90 minutes, and then having a quick break. Try to schedule the whole team in this manner. Let them know that they can all get up and stretch their legs every 90 minutes. They’ll work extremely hard for that hour and a half so that they can enjoy a break. This is a proven method that’s used by top businesses around the globe.

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5. You’re not listening to them

Do you make your employees feel valued? Do they know that you’re there to listen to their ideas and woes? We’re not talking about being a shoulder to cry on if they’ve split up with their boyfriend. We’re talking about work based problems and ideas! Let your staff know that your door is always open. That their ideas will always be considered. If they feel valued and part of something special, they’ll always work a lot harder for you.

 Are you making any of these mistakes with your employees? If so, it could explain why their productivity isn’t up to scratch. Try making a few changes and seeing whether they begin working harder. You may even notice your profits start to rise, too.

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