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10 Tips for Fast Learning

If you want to learn something fast, you’re going to really need to focus and set your mind to it. There are lots of techniques you can use for fast learning, and many of them will help you to make the most of a variety of training courses. Here are 10 tips for fast learning:

Make Sure You Like Your Study Area

Having a nice, relaxing study area is a great way to take in information quickly. You won’t get distracted as easily, and you’ll be in a great mood ready to learn. Make sure it’s tidy and decorated in a way you like. Motivational quotes and pictures can be great too.

Write Down Things to Remember

Write down really important things that you’d like to remember first and foremost. Shorten them as much as you can, so that you can look quickly at a cue card and repeat it in your head. Make sure you display these written cards on the wall or somewhere you’ll see them. Spotting them even subconsciously can help it to stick in your head.

Know What Kind of Learner You Are

The experts at Training Connection know that everybody learns in a completely different style. One person might learn better visually, while another learns practically. Some are a mix. Do some experiments to find out which style of learning best suits you and then try to create exercises to help you learn. You can even do quizzes and tests that will give you an idea as to which kind of learner you are.



Don’t Study for Too Long at a Time

Studying for a long time can actually impair your brain’s ability to take in information. Make sure you take regular study breaks to help you retain information better. You’ll remember things more effectively over a number of sessions than over one long session.

Train Your Brain in Other Ways

Find different ways to do the same task again and again. This will help to create new neural pathways in your brain which will help you to improve and learn more.

Ask Questions

Don’t understand something? Ask! Even if you’re simply interested and want a topic elaborated on, make sure you ask questions. Whether it’s to a lecturer or Google, it’ll help.

Train Your Brain

Use apps and other tools to train your brain. Brain training is a really effective exercise. Why exercise your body but not your brain? Having a healthy brain will seriously benefit you in the long run!


You can even use physical exercise to train your brain. Your mood will be lifted and your brain more ready to take in information, so get some exercise regularly.

Spend Time With People You Love

This is another proven way to set you up to learn something new. You feel happier and your brain is more likely to retain information afterward.

Eat Right

We are what we eat, so make sure you’re eating food that will benefit your brain. Healthy fats are great, and protein and healthy carbs are important too.

Have fun!

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