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Cheaper calls when on business trips abroad

As of 1 July 2014, using your mobile in the EU became much cheaper. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making or receiving calls, sending a text or using the internet, capping is now in place and prices are down.

If you’re using your phone to call the UK office or to pick up voicemails, or need to send a text to find out details of sales and orders whilst you’re away, there are now new price caps across the 28 European Member members as well as Norway, Liechtenstein and  Iceland.

The new prices:

  • Data is capped at 20p (€0.20) per megabyte
  • The maximum monthly charge is capped at £49 (€50)
  • Outgoing calls are capped at 19p per minute (€0.19)
  • Incoming calls are capped at  5p per minute (€0.05)
  • Texts are capped at 5p (€0.06)

It’s important to remember that these prices don’t apply to other countries around the world so ensure you check out costs of calls and data usage in other places so you don’t get a shock when the bill arrives.

Wherever you are travelling, your provider should still warn you if you’re getting close to the data cap of £49 and you will then have to confirm that you are happy to exceed this. If you have a data bundle, you’re automatically opted out of the limit.

A few tips to avoid returning home to a large phone bill

  • Turn data roaming off before you leave the UK and leave it switched off
  • Use free wifi where possible; many hotels offer this as standard now
  • Switch to a cheaper SIM card such as a local or international roaming card
  • Download Skype to your mobile as a cheap or free way to make calls

I have already travelled abroad and have returned home to a huge bill – help!

If you were abroad before the new prices came in and are facing a large bill, don’t ignore it. Talk to your provider to find out how they can help. Many will switch you to a cheaper tariff and whilst you may not get as many free minutes or texts, it will help your budget. You can look to request that the bill is repaid over a number of months, but depending on your situation there may be overdue fees or penalties incurred which could be costly. If you want to clear the bill in full and know that by your next salary you’ll be financially back on track, compare payday loans online at Payday Choice. There are a range of lenders who can help you, whatever your circumstances and with a payday loan in place you can clear the phone bill and then use the time to look to get your budget back on track over the coming weeks.

Putting capping limits in place and lowering prices is great news for everyone. It means that you can call and text your business contacts or add that all important Facebook photo of you with your well-earned early evening drink and know it isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg once you touch down in the Arrivals hall after your holiday.

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