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Essential Advice To Help You Design A Killer Trade Show Booth

A great way to market and promote your business is to go to a trade show. These are massive events where businesses can showcase their latest products and ideas. The key to a successful trade show lies in your trade show booth. Here are three things you can do to help your booth stand out:

Technology Is Your Ally!

One way to get people running towards your booth is to use technology. There’s always a place for technology in business, even in trade shows. You don’t have to go crazy and put on a 3D laser light show. But, you can add bits of tech here and there to make your booth stand out. Think about getting some big curved TV’s to display information or images on. You could even have a couple of touchpads that you use for demonstrative purposes. Just having the tech on display will make people curious. Your business will look super modern, and people will think you must know what you’re doing if you have loads of tech with you!

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Get Your Banners Out!

Your trade show booth wouldn’t be complete without a couple of banners hanging from it. This is a way for people to know who you are and what you do. You can create custom banners displaying anything you want on them. It could be your business’s logo and motto if you like. Or, it could be a short quote that best describes your business. You want your banners to offer something to people that walk by and glance at them. I’m talking both in the literal and metaphorical sense here. You could, literally, have special offers on your banners to get people swarming your booth. Or, you could offer them something to think about. Like I said, a quote or your motto would be good here. It gets them thinking and may draw them in to hear more about your business.

Free Gift Bags!

Trade shows are all about luring people towards your booth. You’ve got have things in place to reel them in. Once you’ve got them close, you can work on promoting your business to them. One way to get the crowds forming outside your booth is to offer free gift bags. There’s a general rule in life, put free in front of anything and people will want it. Your gift bags don’t have to be anything special at all; people will take anything that’s free. My advice is to get a few custom items made especially for the gift bags. I’m talking about office supplies and notebooks with your business logo printed on. Perhaps throw in a coffee mug too. What this means is that every person that takes a bad will be carrying stuff with your logo on. In fact, the bags themselves should have your logo and business name on too. This way, you’re essentially getting a bit of free advertising. They’re walking around with your logo and business on display. Other people may see the bags and wonder where they came from. They’ll ask around and soon come running to your booth.

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