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Four Blog Types To Consider Starting

Blogging isn’t just something people do for fun these days and it’s not just an alternative for a diary or journal. Blogging is a way of life for many professionals and a great way to make some spare cash for stay at home moms. It’s fun and easy to do, you just have to have the drive to keep up on posts and have something to say that people want to read.

You also need to have the drive to find ways to monetize your blog and continually be advertising your blog and your posts so that people will read them. Of course, the first thing you need to do if you want to be a blogger is to figure out what you want to blog about. Here are some of the popular blog genres out there.

A Beauty Blog

Beauty blogs are a popular blog, mainly with women, online. They can be about any, or all, beauty subjects. You could have a general beauty blog or you could make something more in a specific niche. Maybe you want to review makeup or maybe you want a blog dedicated to lipstick.

If you want to start a beauty blog you need to know what you want to focus on, come up with a great name, set up some social media pages to promote it on and start blogging. Beauty blogs sometimes have offers for sending free products to readers, usually of items that the blogger has reviewed. This is one great way to attract readers and keep people coming back for more.

A Mommy Blog

Mommy blogs are still fairly popular. These are blogs for moms by moms. They cover everything, really. They talk about kids, life, relationships, jobs, food and more.

Mommy blogs often find it easier to sell advertising because people like to read them since they cover so many topics. It probably also has something to do with there being new moms out there in the world on a daily basis!

A Review Blog

Not only is a review blog a great blog style to monetize, but it also allows you to get free stuff. You can get free stuff for other blog types as well, but only stuff that fits in with your blog genre. With a review blog, you can try to request anything you want to review, from movies to makeup.

A Travel Blog

Not everyone gets the opportunity to travel, so some people enjoy traveling vicariously through others by reading travel blogs. Other people enjoy reading them so they can find out about the places they’d like to travel or to review someplace they already have plans to visit.

Travel blogs can be about foreign travel or even local travel. Your blog could be all about the state or city you live in and why it’s a great place to visit.

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