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How a Driving Ban Could Be Disastrous for Your Career

You may not think about how the things you do outside of work could affect your job, but there’s plenty that could have a negative impact on your career. One of the main things that could impact your job is being unable to drive. Whether driving is a key part of your job or you just need it to get to work, losing your driver’s licence could spell disaster. Being unable to drive to work could disrupt your schedule and in some cases mean you can’t get to work at all. And if you need to drive to carry out your job then facing a driving ban could mean losing your job completely. You could even cast bad light on your employer, especially if they have to let you go. You could damage your career in the long-term.

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 Traveling to Work

 For some people, being able to drive is essential to being able to work. Even if your job doesn’t involve driving, being unable to drive could mean that you can no longer travel to work. Some people may be lucky enough to have access to public transport or carpooling, but many people aren’t so lucky. You may also be close enough to work to cycle there, but this is difficult in harsh weather. If you rely on your car to get to work then losing your licence will put you in a very difficult position. You can’t move closer to your job or afford to pay for taxis for however long you have lost your licence for.

 Losing Your Job

 Many jobs require employees to be able to drive to do their work. These roles aren’t just jobs like delivery drivers, where driving is the key responsibility. You might be a traveling salesperson, for example, who needs to drive to visit customers. Or you might provide another type of mobile service, such as being a mobile hairdresser. Even if you normally work in an office all day, you may need to get out to visit clients and attend meetings elsewhere. If you can no longer carry out your job, many companies will have no choice but to let you go. The impacts of a drink driving ban on UK business could be terrible, gaining them a negative reputation. Losing your job in this way could have a huge impact on your career, especially in respect to finding another job.

 Future Job Prospects

 If you do lose your job because of a driving ban, or even if you manage to keep it, finding another job could be more difficult. With a ban on your driving record, applying for jobs that need you to have a driving licence could prove difficult. Background checks will often bring up past convictions and criminal history, so there’s no hiding your ban. There are more jobs that ask for driving skills than you might think, so a driving ban could limit your job opportunities.

 So remember the importance of careful driving and how breaking the law could affect your career.

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