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How to Organise a Pop-Up Summit for Quick Cash

The public speaking industry is one of the most consistent markets which has stood the test of time, but it’s also one which is witnessing accelerating growth due to relatively low barriers to enter. It only takes a moment for a talented orator attending a seminar to realise that they can in actual fact do what they and many others around them are paying to listen to. Just like that a brand new public speaking star is born! Some of the best speakers don’t have to go through formal training to master their presentation skills, rather developing those skills through some hard yards in the deep end of the public speaking realms.


In the world of Internet Marketing specifically, which we’ll use as our example of how to organise a pop-up summit for some quick cash, some public speakers have already managed to build themselves up and brand themselves as authoritative figures in their chosen niches. When somebody has figured out how to do something and they have some in-depth knowledge and experience to share, they can bring in a second cycle of earnings by selling the valuable information they have in their possession. This can be done through seminars, summits, audio clips, video tutorials, or online through membership sites or via e-book downloads.

Now if you’ve been using the internet for some time now, which we’ve all been doing. Bringing authoritative figures together presents a great opportunity to make some money, and share each others different experiences to motivate younger generations. There’s little to lose here, and it’s a great opportunity to get to grips with event management skills yourself and learn different things along the way like learning when to halt proceedings if there aren’t enough paying participants who’ve confirmed their attendance by a certain cut-off time. The beauty of it is there won’t be much costs involved during the organisation of the summit, but the potential profits are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

  1. Get Internet Marketers and authoritative figures on-board. You’ll need to sell them on logistical details such as the venue (see step two), but you can negotiate with speakers and authoritative figures based on projected earnings. Just get in touch with them and ask them if they’d be willing to speak at your event, with the possibility of only getting paid according to how big the paying audience will be. They probably have something to sell as well, so the prospect of a great targeted platform to sell their own products at the end of their presentation will also likely entice them to lend their faces to the advertising campaign.
  2. Identify and possibly reserve a space where you can set up a temporary building to hold the seminar. This will ensure you have a potential venue with none of the upfront costs of having to physically book a traditional conference or presentation venue.
  3. Market the summit, focusing on the general area in which it will be held and most importantly, sell the names of the speakers and authoritative figures who will be giving presentations. You can set your ticket price according to numbers that will add up to profits and you can even split tickets into different classes, like V.I.P and General. Increase ticket prices for attendees who show up and book on the day (door-ticket prices) and see which areas you can up-sell the attendees on.

Once everything comes together and the profits add up, you can negotiate split deals with each speaker on the sales they make and then finalise everything.

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