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Marketing Techniques Specific To Your Type Of Business

Contrary to popular belief the internet may not be the best way to market your company. What? That’s right. It will depend on your type of business and what kind of consumer population you are trying to reach. For instance, it is all very well having a fantastic website. But, unless you have the money to optimize it, no one is going to see. You may not have the tech skill to do this. So, what are your other options?


First, if you are local company catering to local demand you can think smaller. We do not mean your ideas should be smaller but rather less expensive. Posting about a local service on an international blog is not going to help you. However, it will be useful if you can deliver a product you are advertising worldwide.

Imagine you are a local restaurant catering to families. What is the best way to advertise your company? Well, you can post flyers through people’s letterboxes.  However, you may find people view it as junk mail.

Or, if you know someone in the community who has a blog you could post it there. Chances are it will be seen by the town or city where you live. Or, you could start a blog that will be picked up because you use keywords relating to the local area. As we said, for this to work, learn how to utilize SEO.

Another possibility is a radio ad. People do still listen to the radio.  Parents often tune in when they are looking for activities for children in the holidays. It could be the perfect way of marketing your company.

You could be more creative. Sticking with the restaurant idea. What if you had wristbands to give to customers and their children after they have enjoyed their meal. This is a brilliant advertising technique because other people are sure to see them. It will increase interest. This can work for virtually any business with any merchandise. For more ideas, research promotional items suppliers.


For a company selling nationally you may want to think about a TV ad. This will attract consumers from all over the country. There is no point looking at international advertising if you do not ship your product outside the UK. The only exception is for companies that are within the tourism industry. For instance, a hotel would benefit from being advertised on an international travel blog.

For All Businesses



Some marketing techniques can be used for all businesses. No matter how local your customers are, you should have a website. This will make your company more open and accessible to consumers. This is very important. You should also be all over social media. Even if your company starts locally, it can always expand, and this is your way to begin. Get followers on Twitter. Interact with potential customers on Facebook and post appropriate business events on Instagram.

Using these techniques, you will get your company seen, locally and globally. Good luck.

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