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Seven Apps That All Small Businesses Should Be Using


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As a small business owner, you’ve probably got a million things on your mind at once. The company finances are a constant worry. There are a pile of emails stacked up waiting for you. There’s networking, planning and marketing to think about. It can be difficult to sort through the noise in your own head! Luckily, there are thousands of great apps to help you and your small business. We tested out some of the best apps out there and discovered which are the best for businesses. Some you’ll be familiar with, others might be a great little addition to your digital world. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

1. Twitter – We’ll start with an obvious one. Twitter is one of the best social media platforms on the planet. When it comes to business, it’s our favourite, by far. Twitter is the best way to stay on top of current trends. It’s perfect for keeping up with competitors and spotting emerging markets. Generate a list of key people to follow and keep an eye on. You can also use it to reach out and make new connections.

2. ABBYY – This clever little app is so smart and simple – all the best ones are! When you’re out networking, have this one to hand. It saves you finding a place for the countless business cards you receive and exchange. When you take someone’s business card, simply scan it with ABBYY. The app will then assign this high definition image to a contact of your choosing.

3. Your own app! – As a business, there’s no reason why you can’t build your own app. It will help you and your customers connect and build a relationship. Mobile application development in London is easy to find and you’ll reap the rewards.

4. Talk To Me – When you’re generating business leads and clients, you may find yourself abroad. CEOs are no stranger to country-hopping and with that comes the trouble of language. Talk To Me is a cool little app that translates in real time. You can speak into it, or write the sentence down. It will then play it back or display it in up to 40 languages.

5. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the second big name on the list, but we couldn’t possibly leave it off. It is the single best place to make connections and build relationships in the business world. You can follow the leaders in your field and identify those that could help you. It’s the perfect way to start networking online.

6. Hip Chat – There are hundreds of instant messaging apps out there. However, we’ve found that Hip Chat is probably the best when it comes to running a business. It is secure, fast and reliable. It is free from any adverts or distractions and will only be used by your colleagues. It really helps manage the stress of a small business.

7. My Finance Partner – This app is our favourite way of staying on top of our accounts. As a small business, it’s really important to pay attention to your money on a regular basis. This app lets you follow transactions and understand your cash flow.

Which one could help your business flourish?


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