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What To Do When Your Start-Up Isn’t Starting

Let’s face it. The world out there is big and tough, and determined to bring us down! It’s easy to get angry when our small start-up isn’t making it in today’s difficult climate. That’s not to say you won’t make it. It could be time to take a break from pushing it so hard and come back when prospects are a little better.

Many small businesses, particularly start-ups, are on hold at the moment. Business owners and sole traders are finding the current economic climate is still not in their favor. Banks and Governments just aren’t doing enough to help the little people. Rather than fail the business, owners are taking a long break away from it.

Of course, you can’t just go and watch daytime TV while you are waiting for things to pick. Some people are finding new jobs in interesting sectors to make the most of the skillset as a business manager. Those that are good managing people are turning to the catering industry as this has seen some growth in recent months since the recession.

Great people skills are essential to running a restaurant kitchen. Lots of us aspire to try out our creative flair in the kitchen on paying customers. Becoming a chef can be highly rewarding, and a great way to keep up those people management skills. Trainee chefs don’t usually require any qualifications. The pay isn’t great, but it is a great deal better than what you will earn sat watching daytime TV. The experience can be incredible, especially if you get to work with a talented or top chef.

3454693691_d1938d9ed8_zThanks to Flickr for the pic

If you wanted to take your culinary career seriously, you could study to degree level in the culinary arts in just 2 to 4 years. Once you have some experience you could register at a London chef agency and take on as much or as little work as you require while you are working on your own business. It is certainly going to keep you used to the high-pressure environment of managing your own business. It will also give you endless opportunities to exercise your creative flare.

Other jobs that are quite accessible at the moment include factory and warehouse packing. These jobs may not be glamorous, but they are more plentiful than some other sectors. This is due to the significant increase of internet shopping. Employers here are always looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency – things small business owners excel at. Running a team in a warehouse can be exciting. You are often dealing with an enormously diverse workforce who are hardworking for a relatively small salary. Practicing your skills with people will help keep them motivated and happy.

Whatever you want to do while your own business is quiet, there are ways to keep some money flowing in. Perhaps most importantly, there are many ways to keep you in top form as a business manager. You don’t have to completely abandon your dream business during these difficult times. See how you can make a difference.

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