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Safety First! Avoiding Hazards And Accidents In The Workplace

If you’re a business owner, did you know that your employees’ safety is your responsibility? That’s right, if anything happens to one of your workers, it falls under your duty of care. Many entrepreneurs or CEO neglect this simple business premise. For many, an accident is highly unlikely, and we rarely give it a second thought. For others, who work ... Read More »

The Amazing Benefits of Uniforms for Your Staff

Source: Uniforms are an essential part of the image of many companies, especially those that deal directly with the public. But when they’re an extra cost to your business, or perhaps to your staff, do the benefits outweigh the costs? Not every company needs a uniform, but for some they can be extremely useful and sometimes even necessary. They ... Read More »

5 Ways To Go Green And Save Money In The Office

photo credit Environmental concern has grown stronger than ever over the last ten years. Governments, big businesses and the general public are finally recognising the damage we have done. From hacking away the planet’s vital resources to pumping CO2 into the air, it’s all adding up. Big changes are ahead and it’s time to jump on the bandwagon! Even if ... Read More »

Unique Challenges to Tackle with a Pop-up Store

Pop-up stores, restaurants and other businesses have become all the rage recently. They’re an excellent marketing tool, as well as being a useful way to test new concepts. If you already own a business, setting up a pop-up is a creative way to spread your message further, and even take your products on the road. Instead of setting up a ... Read More »