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Quit Your Day Job and Earn Thousands as a Personal Tutor

link to image source As the UK job market has been declining significantly over the last few years, many residents are now looking for new and innovative ways of providing themselves with a source of reliable income without relying on traditional employers. That said, quitting a day job can seem like a very dangerous and unpredictable more, but with enough ... Read More »

Health & Safety for Startups: Things you Should be Doing

Every business, no matter what size, should take the time to implement health and safety in the workplace. If you’re a startup and perhaps a little confused about what you should be doing exactly, we’re here to help you! Read on to find out exactly what you should be doing in regards to health and safety: image credit Risk Profiles ... Read More »

Organising your home office

As more and more people opt out of the rat race and set up a business at home, spare rooms are being redesigned and turned into home offices. In order to make the most of this workspace, it is essential that a home office is organised. Read More »

SME’s guide to payroll solutions

The rules and regulations concerning PAYE are complex and many SMEs find it difficult to cope with this essential, but often troublesome, administrative burden. From April 2013 Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs changed the rules so that all companies who employ staff under the PAYE system have to file all PAYE information in real time (RTI) Read More »

How to modernise your customer service methods

Customer service must keep pace with the changing times to be effective and just as businesses are increasingly using social media for marketing purposes, so they also have to be mindful of making sure their customer service methods are meeting customer needs. Here are some tips on how to ensure it is as good as it possibly can be. Read More »

New Mortgage = New Life

New beginnings are sought after by most people and if you are one of them, a new home can match the whole experience. Life transition will be complements by purchasing a new home. It could be from getting married, finding a new job or even retiring. These days mortgage is super tight and there are some things that you want ... Read More »