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Does the Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme Effect You? The Essential Guide for Business

Although we are a nation that are living longer, we aren’t always great a preparing for this. There are different pension options open to people, but people are still overlooking these and not opting in when they should. The government have made changes to the way pensions work to make it easier for people to get enrolled. The automatic enrolment means that employees ... Read More »

Why Safety Equipment is Important for Your Business

picture source link Wherever your company is located, and whatever industry you operate within, ensuring your entire workforce is provided with the best safety equipment possible should be a top priority. Your employees are the backbone of your business model, and without them you will fail miserably, so don’t allow them to take risks by cutting corners and not following ... Read More »

5 Ideas to Build a Productive Warehouse Distribution Business

picture credit As most successful warehouse owners will tell you; it’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it! You could have the best, most desirable product on earth, but if you haven’t got the staff and the processes under which they work correct, chances are you’ll fail miserably every time. Still, with the right advice, the right vision, ... Read More »

Starting An eBay Business With Less Than £100

Flick image credit With the current financial situation in the UK being rather off putting, many residents are turning to alternative means of securing a sustainable income for their families. Starting your own business is a great way of doing this, and although it can be fraught with difficulties, with the right information, the right insights, and the best possible ... Read More »

Dressing for Work in Winter

As the days get shorter and winter creeps its way inevitably towards us, it’s time to pack away those floaty summer dresses and strappy shoes and start to think about your winter wardrobe. Whilst most people think of thick knitted jumpers and cosy winter boots, sadly these can’t be worn all the time. Work wear is notoriously difficult for women ... Read More »

Tips to Improve Employee Morale

As a small business owner, it is natural to think that management of human resources is applicable to only to corporations and large companies. It is not correct and Human Resources Management (HRM) policies can be helpful in many ways even for small businesses. Here are a few tips that could be of great help to you in your pursuit ... Read More »

10 Budget-Smart Home Improvements You Can Do With a Loan

Money is tight, so it’s best to make a home loan – such as those available from Clydesdale Bank -count. There are some solid, well-budgeted home improvements you can accomplish with a loan that will add quality to your life and value to your home. Furthermore, advice is freely available online to help you think through your project. Read More »