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Creative solutions for a shared home office

Working from home, sometimes known as telecommuting, has many advantages; it is convenient, saves on commuter time and cost, and if it is a permanent arrangement for a business owner there are no expensive office overheads for rental of premises and additional bills. There are also other benefits, such as being in control of the day’s workload, and having the ... Read More »

Drug testing of employees – advice for employers

Drug testing, as many workers in the UK will know, is already a fact of life in some companies, and is now commonly practiced by many employers for safety, security and a host of other practical reasons. The British government’s policy on workers’ rights regarding drug testing is that an employer can request a test from all employees if it ... Read More »

Expert advice for your ever-growing website

Many businesses these days exist solely online, which is why every business needs to have a decent website. A website is a company’s shop window – what a visitor sees when they click on the site will determine whether they stay to look around and make a purchase or hit the Back button. There is no beating the internet when ... Read More »

Staying safe in the digital frontier

Few businesses, if any, can afford to stay offline. Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or a fully fledged company head, the internet is one of the most lucrative and important markets. It simply cannot be ignored. To this end, here is a quick guide on how to stay safe in the digital world and what measures a wise business woman ... Read More »

The Secrets of Keeping your Business Startup Costs Down

With so much opportunity out there, you’ve probably thought about starting your very own business to take advantage. Previously a costly thing to do, starting your own business can now be done on a budget, and if you’re struggling for cash, you’ll still be able to find a way to launch your ideas, without launching yourself into heaps of debt. ... Read More »

5 ideas for reducing your business waste.

Running a business is a time consuming and complicated task, with many challenging aspects to balance and organise. Keeping an eye on finances is always a priority, as most companies want to be making some sort of profit! But sometimes, it can be all to easy to focus on making savings by sourcing more effectively and getting a better price ... Read More »

Why Startups Need Guidance More Than Finance

Starting a new business venture is always an exciting time in anyone’s life. According to the StartUp Britain website, over 455,000 people have decided to set up in business on their own rather than work for somebody else. This month alone (November 2013) there have been over 8,200 new startups in the UK. Image via Flickr They say that necessity ... Read More »

An Expert Guide To Choosing The Perfect Printer

If you run a business, then chances are you have an office filled with computers and other typical office equipment like photocopiers and water coolers! Once thing that many employees will do in the office on a daily basis is print stuff out. Those employees may print out all sorts of things, such as documents and letters, spreadsheets and charts, ... Read More »